Welcome to Discover America
Bus Trips!!!
All of the Discover America Bus
Trips are designed & organized
thru a commercial travel agent for
the benefit of Rotary Youth
Exchange Students. Many
volunteer hours are put into these
trips by Rotarians to provide the
opportunity for students to see
more of the United States at an
affordable price. The contract
however, is between the students
and the travel agency NOT with
Rotary International or any Rotary
Who can go on these trips???
There are 3 trips that we offer. Each trip is
specifically designed for Rotary Youth Exchange
Students. Please see the descriptions below to see
which trip would be right for you!!!

  • The Discover America Bus Trip- 31 day trip
    around the US is open to ALL inbound Rotary
    Exchange Students with the recommendation
    from their District Chairman.

  • The Discover America NYC Bus Trip - 3 day
    trip is open to all 7170 Rotary Exchange
    Students FIRST....then open to other
    Exchange Students as seats are available.

  • The Albany bus trip is open to ALL inbound
    and outbound 7170 Exchange Students.